The project was funded from 2008-2012 by Bill and Melinda gates Foundation. Its main goal was to increase food security and household income through production of improved disease resistant varieties. The project has objectives: promote cassava varieties that are both cassava mosaic disease (CMD) and cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) resistant and that are desirable to farmers. Also to ensure accessibility to planting materials of cassava varieties that are resistant to CMD and CBSD disease to farmers. To strengthen the capacity of farmer groups to ensure efficient scaling up of G LCI activities. The project was covering Busia and Bungoma counties, and the following activities were done :  Training farmers and field days.  Field agent recruitment  Field volunteers training  Tertiary sites establishment  Cassava dissemination  PVS and ICM establishment  Stakeholders meetings. The project has enabled the community to be food secure, living a comfortable life, and having clean planting materials that are free from CMD and CBSD diseases. Because they sell surplus food and the seed which assists them to earn good money in their families. Through this project, REFSO has reached 10,000 vulnerable farmers using different approaches i.e. Group approach, churches, Administration and individuals GLCI: is collaborative project between CRS, IITA and partners in the ECA countries Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-BMGFP- implemented in Western Kenya region.