chairmanJOCKTAN MGANDA KABEY- Chairman Board of Directors 

Jocktan is the current and long serving Chairman of the Board of Directors. Jocktan is a professional Financial and Business Manager as well as a Marketer. His other relevant strengths include; Team building and leadership skills, concern for society, good co-ordination and collaboration, fast thinker, information gathering skills to build and promote systematic information flow, good negotiability and insight on current Financial, Business and Marketing trends. Most notably is the ability to use modern technology to achieve results, and to resolve problematic situations through efficient information flow and exchange of ideas. 

The other members of the Board of Directors include:

Paul Bosita Makobi - Vice Chair, Beatrice Odhiambo - treasurer, Nyamai Michael - Secretary, Qureish Noordin - Member (Specialist),  KALRO Alupe representative, County Director of Agriculture and two community representatives.